“Alex has been a GREAT teacher for our daughter. He is patient and kind, not to mention he is an incredibly skilled musician! He gently pushes students to excel and provides new opportunities for playing when they are ready. We recommend Alex without hesitation!” ~ Darcy G, Parent

“My daughter appreciates the way Mr. Hettinga explains concepts in her viola lessons. He is able to combine growth in technique with enthusiasm for the instrument and the creation of music.” ~ Paige W, Parent

STUDY with ALEXANDER HETTINGA Violin and Viola Lessons

Alex offers a teaching experience that supports every student’s unique interests and perspectives. A multi-talented artist with many hobbies, Alex believes that the process of learning to play a stringed instrument can enrich and strengthen countless facets of a student’s life, teaching relaxed focus and creative problem solving skills.

Alex teaches beginners from the Suzuki Method, a wonderful start for students 4 years old and up. Alex refers to Alexander Technique to help students find the most relaxed, tension-free way to play, and to Dalcroze Eurhythmics to help students understand rhythm and musical movement. From beginning to advanced, students can expect a systematic and enjoyable approach to learning violin or viola, including assigned listening to great recordings of violin/viola masters, and the option to be placed in a chamber group to learn ensemble skills.

“Before studying with Alex, Rachel had begun to view playing violin as a chore. After several rigid years of Suzuki, practice at home had become perfunctory. Her heart was clearly not in it. Under Alex’s joyful and inspirational teaching, however, she would practice her violin as soon as she got home from school, and again after an evening of ballet rehearsals. Every week included a listening assignment that helped her explore her great love of music. She treated the neighbors to music on the porch, and forged friendships with fellow students as they met regularly to practice duets. Alex truly struck a chord.” ~ David N, Parent

Inquire below to set up a sample lesson at Alex’s home studio in Pittsburgh. Not from Pittsburgh?–Ask about Skype lessons! Already have a teacher you love?–Ask about supplemental chamber music groups coached by Alex!

    email address: alexhettinga@gmail.com